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A personal injury has the potential to be devastating. However, if you've suffered an injury on someone else's property or premises or as a result of the conditions on their property or premises, you may be entitled to compensation. These cases, termed "premises liability cases," mean that, with the appropriate legal counsel, you may be able to obtain restitution from the property or homeowner.

The attorneys at Jones & Stennett have helped individuals and families in Tupelo and across Mississippi recover significant sums in personal injury cases, including those involving premises liability. As trial attorneys with decades of experience between us, we know what we need to do in the courtroom to help us reach a beneficial outcome. When necessary, we engage in strong, aggressive negotiation with the opposing counsel in order to settle matters more expediently. No matter the strategy or pursuit we take, we always strive to put our clients in the best possible position.

Rigorous Representation In Cases Of Property Negligence

Our lawyers provide a thorough review of the facts in premises liability cases. There are numerous conditions that can cause serious injuries, including:

  • Trip and falls on clutter, including trash
  • Improperly maintained swimming pools
  • Negligent security measures
  • Wet premises resulting in slip and falls

In particular, we also assist individuals who have been injured on the premises of businesses or public entities.

As with any injury, your priority should be on your recovery. While we welcome and encourage client involvement, we also understand that it's not always possible for individuals to balance a personal injury case with their recovery. In these instances, we consult with clients on what approach would best suit their condition.

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