Working Through The Difficulties Of Child Support Agreements

Sometimes, child support can be determined by a simple calculation. However, more often than not, questions and disagreements about child support are at the heart of divorce proceedings. The conditions surrounding child support agreements will affect your life and finances for years after your divorce. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you navigate these agreements, and provide you with the experience and advocacy necessary to protect your interests.

The attorneys at Jones & Stennett have provided decades of family law guidance to clients in Tupelo and across Mississippi. We have helped clients understand how much they can expect to pay and receive in child support, while assisting with modification and enforcement, if necessary.

The Considerations Involved With Child Support

While child support in Mississippi follows basic guidelines, there are other factors to be considered when discussing the eventual payments, including financial needs, time spent with the children, living expenses and more. We can help you create a plan that works for your needs and your situation.

In addition, we provide comprehensive assistance to individuals who are seeking assistance with child support enforcement. If the other party is in violation of the agreement, we can help you seek restitution. With decades of trial experience, we are comfortable taking any issue to court, if that becomes necessary.

We also understand that any agreements don't reflect the changing reality of our lives. If you need assistance with modifying support orders, we can walk you through the process. No matter the issue, we put our clients' needs at the forefront.

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