Skilled Criminal Defense When Facing Felony Charges

Being charged with a crime is a difficult, stressful experience. It often seems like prosecutors are keen to paint a dire picture of your chances. When facing felony charges, however, the potential consequences are severe, especially in Mississippi. From prison to thousands in fines, without a strong attorney willing and able to defend you voraciously, you may be looking at the harshest possible punishments under the law.

At Jones & Stennett, we're committed to protecting your rights. With decades of trial experience in both the state and federal levels, we have helped clients across Tupelo who have faced serious criminal charges, and in many cases, worked to have them reduced or dismissed outright.

How Our Lawyers Can Help

Our years of experience play a major part in how we formulate our legal defense strategies. We know that there's no cookie-cutter approach to criminal defense. We work with clients to evaluate their case and their circumstances, and formulate a plan that serves their needs. As trial lawyers, we are comfortable, and even zealous, when it comes to proving our clients' innocence in court. However, when necessary, we know that negotiation and settlement may be the best option.

We leverage our knowledge to assist clients who have been charged with felonies including:

  • Drug crimes, including possession, manufacturing and distribution
  • Homicide, murder and other cases resulting in the death or grievous harm of a person
  • Assault, aggravated assault and other attacks involving serious bodily harm
  • Rape, sexual assault and other sex crimes
  • White collar crimes, including fraud and embezzlement
  • Weapons charges, including cases involving felon in possession of a firearm
  • Robbery, burglary and home invasion

A felony conviction will strip you of your rights and alter your life for its duration. Our lawyers work to make sure that you're placed in a favorable position, presenting the most compelling defense possible.

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